3.8m car spray paint masking film vehicle furniture decoration paint masking protective film

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The width of the masking film is 3.8 meters, the length is 100 meters, and the weight is 3.9KG.
Car spray paint masking film, vehicle furniture, paint decoration protective film, oversize 380cm wide and 100 meters long


3.8 meters car spray paint masking film, vehicle furniture decoration paint masking protective film, dustproof film 100 meters long


It mainly prevents the paint from leaking when painting cars, buses, engineering vehicles, ships, trains, containers, airplanes, machinery and furniture, and improves the traditional masking method of using newspapers and textured paper. No matter the newspaper is new or old, there will be confetti, dust, and paint sticking in the masked parts caused by paint seepage, and it has to be reworked. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to stick the masking tape on the newspaper. In addition, the width and length of the newspaper are limited and the adhesive tape still needs to be added at the interface. Therefore, the labor cost and the cost of the tape are not lower than the cost of the new masking film. On the contrary, the masking film is clean, impermeable paint, waterproof, small in size, and very convenient to use. The amount of work that usually requires 2-3 people to complete the newspaper can now be completed with high quality in a short time by only one person, which greatly improves the efficiency of work, saves time and labor, and saves costs for the enterprise. A large area sprayed masking material in the industry.