Besvol Car Wash Cleaning Cloth 800 gsm Double Color Design Thicken Double Sided Car drying Detailing Microfiber Towel

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BESVOL Quick Drying Microfiber Towel

Microfiber 80/20 polyester polyamide material, double thickened coral fleecy, soft and delicate, strong toughness,durability,strong water absorption, no shedding, no pilling, easy to clean, special eight-petal structure, super absorbent dust,no damage to the surface, effective cleaning stains.

Two-tone design
One side to wipe the inside of the car while the other side is to wipe the outside

Hemming design
Double-bread edge technology with , even and smooth alignment, tighter and firmer than cutting edge and lock edge, non-shedding
Within 5cm, between 16-19 stitches, higher than the industry standard

Hanging ring design
Hanging ring design, convenient to hang and store when not in use, hang to dry after use

Thickened coral velvet
Double sided, 5mm thickness.

Thicker and more durable
Microfiber is strong and toughness with long service life. Thickening design, no deformation after pulling.

Super Absorbant
Absorb 5 times of its own weight

Super absorbent, no water marks, strong decontamination, no damage to car paint
The surface area of the microfiber is large, the space between the filaments is many, can absorb a lot of water, quickly wipe the body water stain, strong water absorption, do not leave the water mark, can effectively adsorb the sand and dust, good detergency

This car washing towel is defined as multi-functional car washing towel, which has the advantages of high water absorption and strong decontamination ability. It can be used for such operations as water absorption, polishing, waxing and crystal plating after car washing.

Note: Do not use detergent after cleaning, and dry it in a ventilated place.

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This towel can not only absorb water, but also be used for polishing, waxing, dust removal, drying, decontamination, gold plating and so on

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