Car GPS Tracker GT02A Moto/e-bike Tracking GPS Tracker Car GSM Vehicle Tracking Locator Real Time GPRS SMS Mini Tracker

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Product Description


Portable GSM GPRS Mini Car GPS Tracker Vehicle Truck GPS Locator Anti-Lost Tracking Device Real-Time Vehicle GPS Trackers
GF-02 Mini GPS Tracking Device
Car Vehicle GPS Tracker
Operation Temperature
-20 Celsius degree to +55 Celsius Degree
Working Voltage
5%-95% non-condensing
GSM Frequencies
850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPS Sensitivity
Acquisition Sensitivity
Position Accuracy
GPS positioning time
Cold start 45-85s , Warm start 35s, Hot start 2s
GSM/GPS Antenna
Built-in design
Non-movement Detection
movement alarm based on built-in 3D motion sensor
Mileage Report
Track by time/distance interval


GF-02 Mini GPS Tracker Features

1. Multi-function alarm: low-power alarm, displacement alarm, fence alarm, cross-border alarm and many other alarm functions. Define a safe area, you will receive an alarm if it exceeds the safe area. 2. Street view 3D function, when you see the specific location of the pet, you don't know the route, you can click the street view function to view the nearby buildings, and always grasp the location of your pet. 3. Five-fold fast and accurate positioning: LBS+PGS+AGPS+Beidou positioning+Intelligent positioning; real-time online GPS positioning. Using multiple positioning technology, even if it is still not offline GPS, accurate positioning for you in real time, you can arbitrarily switch to power saving mode and real-time tracking mode.
4. Historical record, one-click query: It can play back the driving trajectory within 180 days, and can keep track of the route, stay time, time and position at a glance.
5. Multi-vehicle management monitoring: You can view multiple vehicles with locator installed under one account to facilitate unified management of vehicles.
6. Intelligent power saving mode
GPS/GPRS/GSM vehicle gps Tracker
 Real-time tracking
 Speeding/low power alarm
 Movement alarm
 Into/out off Geo-fence alarm
 ACC detection and inform(4pin have)
 Cut power alarm(optional with battery)
 Remote control oil and circuit(optional with relay)
 AGPS function, receive GPS signals faster
 built-in storage memory,Blind area data upload
The battery is used for power failure alarm, as backup battery( add 1.2 USD )
The relay is used to control the car, cut off oil and cut off power ( add 1.2 USD)
Please contact us if need extra battery and the relay.
Package included:
1*mini tracker ( 3 pin)
1*USB cable
4*Locking Bolts
This device support Website tracking and APP tracking, the APP is "DAGPS".
Hardware Description
1) Notices:
GPS tracking can be worked outdoor. Must have mobile phone GSM signal and have GPS signal, it can block GPS satellite signal when there are metal or building abvove the GPS tracker.
2) Please make sure GSM 2G SIM card or 4G and 3G compatibility 2G GSM network sim card, supports making calls, sending messages, GPRS network, have money, no pin code.
Fail to turn it on
Please check if connect to power 9V-36V and red light if Solid.
No GSM signal
Please check if SIM card installed correctly and have money, have gprs if there a mobile phone GSM signal. please check if SIM card is 2G or 3G/4G compatible 2G GSM network. 
Don't turn on the PIN code and no calls can be diverted.
In order to ensure the normal reception of GPS signals, it is recommended to have a wider sky view.
No reply to SMS command
Password wrong or the format is wrong. restore factory settings and send messages: "begin123456"
SMS position OK, APP position not OK
Please check the APN whether correctly setted, or check the SIM card whether have GPRS.