carbon fiber steering wheel cover For BMW 5 series E60 520li 523li 525li 2004-2010 control button car interior accessories

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steering wheel button carbon fiber car modification accessories

car model: For BMW 5 series E60 520li 523li 525li 2004-2010
Installation location: Steering wheel button
Installation Method:
1. Find the location that matches your car.
2. Thoroughly clean and wipe its position.
3. Tear off the adhesive protective paper on the back of the body (you can use a lighter to heat the double-sided tape slightly).
4. Stick it firmly.
Note: Be sure to clean the parts that need to be pasted in advance, and keep them dry. Tear off the double-sided tape on the back of the product and press it firmly. Please do not wash the car or wet it within 2 days after installation.