CARLAS Ultra Thick Microfiber Plush Towel Cleaning No-Scratch Rag Polishing Detailing Car Wash Towel Cleaning

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1. The microfiber towel has an enormous absorbency and absorption capacity, by this factor it is the ultimate for repolishing or after rubbing of waxes and high-gloss seals - this makes it possible to work in an error-and trace-free way.
2. This microfiber cloth is even softer than other cleaning cloth. This is double-sided and sewn with a soft surround. The haptics of the fibre structure have also improved considerably.
3. The cloths can be ideally used as cleaning or polishing cloths in various areas, perfect for cleaning cars, motorcycles or in the household._01.jpg_02.jpg_03.jpg_04.jpg 

Warmly Note:
1. Wash it before initial use is highly recommended to avoid color fading or fluffing, as the towels may accidentally absorb some fluff when producing. But no need to worry about such problem after that.
2. Don't use any fabric softener when washing. Hand-wash and machine-wash both are ok.

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